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Together we reach the heart of many children


Before 2012, most of the babies with congenital malformations in Latin America did not have the opportunity to live. Recognizing the need of providing with fetal medicine in the region, the Kristen Foundation was born of the shared desire of Lic. Jackeline Verdín and Dr. Rogelio Cruz for contributing in a significant way to this problem.


Support and provide resources for research, detection, and treatment of unborn babies with congenital malformations through fetal medicine.



Be a non-profit organization with a comprehensive model that preserves life contributing to the decline of the Latin American mortality rate in unborn babies with lethal congenital malformations




Respect: We recognize people based on their human quality.

Solidarity: We are sensitive to the reality of the other.


Solidarity: We are sensitive to the reality of the other.


Honesty: We seek a coherent and transparent action in search of the common interest.


Warmth: We value the cordial and human attention to beneficiaries, families and the organization´s team.


Responsibility: We act with awareness of the consequences of our actions.


Innovation: We are looking for innovations in fetal medicine to preserve more lives.




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With your help we can keep their hearts beating


Kristen Foundation (FK) is a nongovernmental organization based in Mexico that contributes to reduce infant mortality caused by lethal congenital malformations and social inequality through its inclusive model of fetal medicine. Our efforts to provide free fetal surgeries have contributed to reduce the inequality gap, allowing families to have access to the most innovative and last avant-garde medical procedures in the world, regardless of their nationality or socioeconomic status.

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