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"I had a lot of doubts, but now I’m sure I made the best decision"

-Katia & Ana.

To date we have benefited more than 1,750 minors of both sexes with the diagnosis of congenital heart disease and channeling to different hospitals for their care. Additionally, more than 300 babies who have been diagnosed with a congenital lethal malformation and have undergone fetal surgery. In addition to the above, more than 2000 parents have been sensitized and informed about their children's problems and how to care for them.

By saving the life of a baby with some malformation we are benefiting society in general. We guarantee that every individual has health from before his birth, and we diminish the financial and psychological impact that the families of these babies suffer. In addition, our inclusive policies contribute to correcting the social fabric, and to building more effective societies and health institutions in Mexico and the hemisphere.


Monterrey, Nuevo León.

“I think that more and more people should know that there is fetal medicine, that it can save their babies. I’m really thankful to Doctor Cruz”


After four months of my pregnancy, I got the news that my baby had a heart problem. My Primary Care Physician told me he would very likely die at birth because his heart hadn’t developed enough to pump blood adequately. Besides, he told me he couldn’t take care of him, because he didn’t specialize in fetal surgery.

There’s not a single specialist in this kind of surgery in Monterrey and, through my doctor, I got in touch with Dr. Rogelio Cruz in Mexico City; I traveled all the way there and told him about my case. He checked me up, and told me he could perform surgery on my baby inside my womb for him to keep developing and be born at the end of my pregnancy with no problem.


I didn’t really trust him at the beginning, becaused it seemed unreal to me that he offered me a solution like that ona while other doctors had given me so little hope. I went back to Monterrey and, a week later, I got a call from Dr. Cruz warning me that the longer we waited, the lower the probabilities of correcting Rodrigo’s disease were. A talked to my husband and, together, we decided to authorize the surgery.

On May 26th, 2012, in the City of Queretaro, Doctor Cruz performed surgery on the baby and, except for some complications, everything was pretty quick, and on the third day I was back in Monterrey.

Rodrigo was born on September 5th, 2012 and he hasn’t had any problem up to now. I remember doctors and nurses went to see him because they couldn’t believe he was alive. He’s turning 2 this coming September



Morelia, Michoacan.

At four months of pregnancy, we received the news that our baby suffered from low urinary obstruction, a disease that could cause kidney failure, complications with his pulmonary development, and, in the end, fetal death. We immediately looked for doctors and specialists who could help us save him, but we found out that not only in our state, but in the whole country, there are very few doctors that know about fetal treatment.


When we met Dr. Rogelio Cruz and he suggested performing surgery, we understood Diego would keep needing medical attention in the future, but also that, without it, his life expectancy would be zero.


On November 17th, 2012, on week 24 of pregnancy, Dr. Cruz performed surgery on our baby. Even though there was a period of recovery, his prognosis and life quality considerably increased with the surgery.

Today, we have Diego at home, and we´re deeply thankful with Medicina Fetal México for giving our son the possibility of surviving and giving us the happiness of being parents for the first time.


Katia & Ana

Guadalajara, Jalisco.

“I had a lot of doubts, but now I’m sure I made the best decision”

After five months on my pregnancy I had a feeling I had gained too much weight, and sometimes it was even difficult to breathe. I went to my doctor and, after performing a series of tests, he detected that the babies were sharing placenta and, therefore, they were passing blood to each other. The prognosis in this disease is very bad. Both can die, or be born with brain damage.


The gynecologist refered me to Doctor Rogelio Cruz and he checked me up immediately. It was in a congress, in fact, on a Wednesday. Next Saturday I was already at the hospital waiting for surgery. I was really afraid of making that decision, for me, my family, and my other kids, but the confidence Doctor Cruz showed in every moment and the information that I myself researched made me chose correctly.


Surgery went pretty well; I was a couple of days in recovery and went back to Guadalajara to almost fully rest until the end of my pregnancy. When the moment came, the girls were born with no problem. We even discarded the fear we had that there was neurological damage.

Two years after that experience I have no doubt I made the right decision. Thanks to fetal medicine my family is whole, and so am I.


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